Jerry Zigmont owner of MacWorks, LLC featured at ACES Conference 2017 - May 31 - June 1st, Tucson, AZ

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MacWorks, LLC & Command-Control-Power featured at ACES Conference 2017, May 31st - June 1st, 2017, Phoenix, Arizona

Command-Control-Power, the widely popular podcast for Apple IT professionals, will be presenting and recording at the 2017 ACES Conference, May 31st - June 1st, 2017, Phoenix, Arizona, The conference focuses on the business side of IT consulting and the Command-Control-Power team including Jerry Zigmont, owner of MacWorks, LLC of Connecticut will feature a recorded live broadcast for conference attendees.

“The ACES Conference is like a gathering of the tribe and we are extremely excited to be in attendance. Sharing knowledge with fellow professionals has been a hallmark of the Apple consultants community and ACES Conference is the perfect gathering place.” states Jerry Zigmont, a Command-Control-Power host.

MacWorks, LLC is an Apple Certified consultancy providing Apple and Macintosh support to CT area businesses for over 10 years. Command-Control-Power is a weekly podcast hosted by three certified members of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN): podcast founder Joe Saponare of PsiMac, Norwalk, CT, Sam Valencia of the HCS Technology Group, Stamford, CT and Jerry Zigmont of MacWorks, LLC, Madison CT.

Drawing on over 30 years of combined experience, Command-Control-Power explores every aspect of running a consulting practice including guest appearances by vendors and colleagues. Now in its fourth year, Command-Control-Power has been continuing to produce content for Apple Consultants every week.

Additional information can be found at and at the ACES Conference website -

MacWorks, LLC Cited In Forbes Article "New 2016 MacBook Pro's Price Too High? Is It Worth It? I Asked Around"


"Jerry Zigmont, owner of MacWorks LLC, an Apple consultant based in Madison, Conn.:

Negative reaction is knee-jerk. “Any negative reaction on social media is knee jerk. If you look at the pricing from yesterday, at every price point with the new Macs, there are speed increases in processor, memory, and graphics.

“There still are going to be holes in their product line to take issue with but I don’t think pricing is one of them.

“Apple has never catered to the low-end market, looking to produce sub-$1K Macs.

Read the full story here: "New 2016 MacBook Pro's Price Too High? Is It Worth It? I Asked Around" by Brooke Crothers

Avoid Mac Scams, Spam & Malware - MacWorks, LLC : Connecticut CT Based Apple & Macintosh Support

Don't let this happen to your Mac!

Don't let this happen to your Mac. A simple Safari Browser hijack opens the door to have your Macintosh compromised by disreputable companies masquerading as Apple tech support.

The only way to close the page or tab is to Force Quit the application. Unfortunately, a restart of Safari relaunches the same page and locks up the browser.

To resolve temporarily you can start Safari safely by first Force Quiting and then launching while holding down the Shift Key. A more permanent resolution can be found in the MacWorld U.K. article -

We can provide remote and onsite support to permanently resolve Mac malware and technical issues. Keep you and your employees productive and avoid costly downtime caused by these malware intrusions. We can be reached at or by phone at 800-700-1673

MacWorks cited in "Apple Launches Bug Bounty Program, A Security 'Mea Culpa'" - CRN News

Apple virus

"The bug bounty program could also mean that researchers will be less likely to independently publicize Apple product vulnerabilities that they uncover, said Jerry Zigmont, owner of MacWorks LLC, an Apple consultant based in Madison, Conn.

This would be a great step to take just to sort of thwart any big sensationalized headlines that don’t necessarily have a lot of merit,” Zigmont said. “We’ve seen this before, where you read something in the paper about an Apple security vulnerability, but it’s just proof of concept—a lot of these are not out in the wild.”

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MacWorks, LLC Quoted In Forbes Article "What's Wrong With Apple's MacBook? I Asked Around"

Macbook pro 13 and 15 1200x525

"But problems run deeper than more and better competition. CRN, a respected industry publication that covers computer resellers, talked to a few Apple authorized consultants this week and got an an earful about the Mac and MacBook. I chatted briefly with one of the consultants cited in the story, MacWorks, LLC, based in Madison, Conn. ..."

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